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Will everything that we talk about be confidential and do you have to report this to my supervisors?

Yes, everything that we talk about is confidential and we are an independent practice with no affiliation to any department or agency. We will never share any of your information without proper authorization. We ask that you provide your personal email for all communication versus your department/agency email to ensure privacy. (Please note: we are mandated reporters and must report any intent to harm yourself or someone else, but will always discuss this with you first.)

I've never been to therapy, what can I expect in the first session?

It is always our goal to help you feel welcome and comfortable in all sessions. Your first session is structured mostly around building rapport, talking, asking questions, establishing the best course of action for you as an individual and giving you some tools to help you better manage symptoms until we can find better resolution. You will never be pressured to talk about things you don't want to, and if you aren't sure what to say, don't ever worry, our team is trained to help guide the session in whatever way you may need. 

Does everyone have experience with first responders and will they understand my issue(s)?

Absolutely. Our team is vetted to specialized training and/or prior law enforcement and stand by our commitment to provide specialized and tailored psychological treatment services to first responders, military/veterans, and their family members. 

Do I have to use my department/agency insurance or can I cash pay?

No, you do not have to use any insurance you are not comfortable with. We do accept most major insurances to lessen the burden with cost, but also offer lower rate cash pay services. 

Do you treat things other than trauma and PTSD?

Absolutely. Our team is trained in many different diverse areas and are here to help you with every day issues including but not limited to: general stress, anxiety, depression, marriage and family issues, financial stress and career coaching. We are here to help you regardless of the problem, as the front line often presents a unique set of unexpected stressors. 

I don't think I need counseling right now but I am interested in consultation, how do I inquire about that?

Our team does provide consultation for officer use of force incidents and other issues to aid in better understanding when psychological/mental health issues are involved in on duty incidents. Please reach out for more information and inquiry of cost. 

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